More back-tracking and catching up….

Family self-pic at Puerto Madero.

June 20, 2011.  Today was a nation holiday – Flag Day.  We took a Subte ride down to Puerto Madero and walked around by the water.  Also tried Choripan again at another place, again Liam said not even close to Choripan Man.

In front of the Casa Rosada.

Puerto Madero.

Bondiola - yummy!

























June 21, 2011.  First day of school as “visiting students”.  Emmanuelle was having too much fun to even come down and say hi to us during lunch.  They get an hour and a half for lunch here and can go home or go eat out with their buddies.  Liam had many of the giggle girls stuffing their numbers and Facebook names straight into his pocket.  They are bold here!  They took lots of notes in Spanish.  A great success for the first day.

Ready for school...urghhhh.









With mama before school.








With papi.







Only 3 blocks to school - but it's cold and dark...










In front of the school, Islands International School.











June 22, 2011.  Today while the kids were in school we ventured out to Jumbo, the sort of higher end Walmart in search of maple syrup.  No luck, but the store was gigantic, there were over 50 check out aisles.







Dog walker.








Our local fruit and veggie stand.






Local chicken store, fresh and cheap!












June 24, 2011.  First week of school is over and it went better than we could have ever expected.  Emmanuelle stayed at school all week with her new friends and today they all went out to lunch together to eat empanadas.  Tonight there was a school fundraiser – a fashion show, lights, runway and all.  Liam was sure to make the most of it and modeled the Argentine national soccer jersey.  We also won a cake in the raffle!  Then we finished off the night with a choripan from Liam’s fav, Choripan Man.

Proud sister and mama waiting for the show to start.

The long awaited moment arrives.







"Liam, our new student from California models the Argentine national soccer jersey."












One last pass.











June 25, 2011.  We went to the farmer’s market behind the house today.  It was amazing, bought all the chicken, eggs and fruit and veggies for the week for about $25. Then we went shopping for a field hockey stick and ping pong paddles, those are the school sports along with futbol (soccer).  Had a super pancho, very long hot dog with any topping you can think of and tiny french fries on top, for lunch and coffee in the late afternoon to top it off.

Scale at the fruit and veggie stand.













A little one helping out.







Farm fresh eggs.

Meats, sausages and chicken.

Buen viaje and see you later!

Just before our flight at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

June 14, 2011.  The day of departure to Buenos Aires.  Nervous, excited, happy, sad, anxious, curious, crazy!  The day of our departure was all of those emotions. The Obandos, Estolonios, Lola and both our parents saw us off at the airport.

With Melissa and Javier at the airport.





With Tomas and Renee.











Waiting and waiting for a cart.

Immigration coming up.

We're hungry!!! Jessie first beer in BA.

Food!!! Yum.




June 15, 2011.  After about 16 hours we’re here!  And we have a whole lot of luggage.  Why is it taking 30 minutes to find a cart?























Emmanuelle's favorite find at the supermarket.






June 16, 2011.  Explored our local neighborhood a bit and picked up a few essentials. Who new that Jessie had his own brand of cleaning products in Argentina?  The view at night from our balcony.  The local Parilla had great pasta.  We also went to the school and the kids got a tour from their soon to be classmates.  They really liked the school and had big smiles on their faces after the tour.  Emmanuelle liked it so much, we had to have someone go look for her.

Jessie's new product line...

View at night from the balcony.

Yes, it tasted as good as it looked.





















June 17, 2011.  Liam was in heaven.  He found Choripan Man.  Well, that’s what he has been named by Liam.  We were walking around the neighborhood looking for a new spot to eat and found a tiny dive barbecue.  It was delicious.

So far, the best Choripan.








June 18, 2011.  The kids first trip on the Subte (subway) today.  We went to Palermo, the “hip” neighborhood.  Finally our first meal at home, arroz con pollo.  We also had a spectacular lightening show during and after dinner.

Homemade food, finally!







Click the link to see the lightening show…

Subte ride!








June 19, 2011.  Happy Father’s Day!  Jessie got eggs toast and Crepes courtesy of Chef Liam.  Then we spent most of the day walking around the street fair in San Telmo.  We also ate at the Rey del Choripan, but Liam said he was no match to Choripan Man.

Happy Father's Day Papi!



Choripan in the making.

Mate gourds, one was Jessie's Father's Day gift.

El Rey del Choripan

Main street to square in San Telmo.

Catching up after some really busy days in Buenos Aires…

It has been a real adventure adventure these first days in our new home in Buenos Aires. But it has been wonderful so far.  Discovering all of the wonderful vendors around our new house has been very exciting.  Walking a few block one way or another for fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses and meats is amazing.  The kids have really embraced school this last week and have been adjusted better than we could have every imagined!